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SD may have bugs! It is your responsibility to test it, and to take as long as necessary to satisfy yourself that it works as expected before you register. SD works on Windows, on Unix (with Wine) and on Raspberry Pi 3 (with Wineconsole and Exagear, from

Please read the information on Installing SD to understand the level of Windows or Unix experience you must have. By registering, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and accepted this information.

The registration fee is 10 euros. All payments are processed directly by PayPal's secure servers. You do not need to have a PayPal account - any valid credit card may be used.

You get a key file, by email, to activate the current version of SD when used with your callsign, and it will activate future versions released within six months. The key file will not expire, ever. Any version of SD already working with it will continue to work indefinitely.

I try to send key files promptly. They are generated and emailed manually - the process is not automated. There may be some delay overnight, when I am travelling, or preparing for or operating in contests.

Please enter your callsign before clicking the Register button. The fee is 10 euros.

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When you get your key file, simply move it to your installation folder for SD, usually the SD folder on your C: drive. SD will be unrestricted when used with your callsign - including any country identifier changes. When the key file is not present, or if SD is used with an unrelated call, it runs in demo mode - the word "DEMO" appears after the contest name at the lower right of the logging screen, and logging is delayed after 30 QSOs.

When the word DEMO is not present, you can be sure that SD will not slow down.

The key file is a standard ASCII text file with 57 numeric digits. You should both print and backup this file, so that you can recreate it when necessary. If it is edited for any reason, it will no longer work.

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