SD by EI5DI - How to Install

Installing SD

Before using SD, you need to have a basic understanding of Windows or Unix file systems, as appropriate.

In particular, you should know how to find, copy, rename, view and edit text files, how to attach files to emails, and how to save email attachments to a folder. In effect, you should be familiar with Windows Explorer (not the same as Internet Explorer), with any Unix file manager, and with NotePad or other text editors.

When using Windows Explorer to list the files in your SD folder (or any other folder), it helps to have all file extensions visible.

You can tell whether your computer is showing file extensions by looking for the program file SD.EXE in your SD folder. If the .EXE extension is missing, you need to change a Windows parameter to show all file extensions. Try a Google search with the words show file extensions to find references for your version of Windows. This procedure is recommended, as otherwise you may not be able to find some of your SD program and data files. This is a Windows issue - not an SD issue.

Installation is simple - once you've done it you will realise it's faster to do than to read all this. You may ignore any warnings during installation - SD will not harm your computer.

When you click on the download link, a small window appears with the heading "File Download - Security Warning" and you are asked whether you want to Run or Save sdsetup.exe.

Select Run option to see the next message "The publisher could not be verified. Are you sure you want to run this software?"

Select Run, and then the language to use during the installation (English is the default).

Select OK to see "Welcome to the SD Contest Logger Setup Wizard".

Select Next to continue to the "Select Destination Location" window.

Select Next to accept the default location C:\SD - the SD folder on your computer's C: drive, and continue to the "Start Menu Folder" window.

Note: Please do not change the default folder without good reason. It is where all SD's program and reference files will be located - together with any logs and other files created by SD and SDCHECK.

Select Next to accept the default "SD by EI5DI" entry and continue to the "Select Additional Tasks" window.

Tick the "Create a desktop icon" box in the next window (if it's not already ticked) and select Next. This will create two separate icons on your computer's desktop - one to run SD, the other to run SDCHECK, the post-contest program for creating your Cabrillo entry logs.

Finally, select the Install button, and you'll be ready to run SD in a few seconds. Please RTFM (Read The Manual). It is SD.PDF in your C:\SD folder - only 17 pages.

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